Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snookersearch 2010 - Part 6: "It's Shorter Than You Think"

Natural Bridge, VA to Marion, NC
Breaking camp took me awhile. I made some Java Juice and hit the road. Later I ate lunch at the Palmer Seafood House which is a Southern Style seafood house, very nice.
The founders:

A sign in the bathroom:

I wish things were like"On the Road" where the farther South you go the bigger the slices of pie become and the friendlier the waitresses are. Instead, I see chain stores with kind-looking big women in company polo shirts.
I jumped onto 80S for awhile to make time, it's just not fun to be on a big interstate with tractor-trailer rigs blowing by you at 80 mph. The fastest I got the MP# up to was 83 as measured by the GPS. Most days I spend some time on the Interstate and some time on mountain twisties.
On 80S my temperature gauge read 100 degrees F. I don't know how accurate that is but it might not be too far off on a sun-baked roadway. I started to feel a little "off" so I stopped and got gas and rehydrated. I bought two quarts of Powerade, drank one, then part of the next and put the rest in my water bottle. I also put on an evaporative vest which I had soaked in water from the restroom. That helped. It's amazing how heat can debilitate you, you start to get slow and make bad decisions.
After about an hour in the evaporative vest I ran into a downpour. It was on a fast hilly twisty two-lane highway and this really brought on the adrenaline. I know when it first rains the roads become slick from the accumulated oils rising to the surface. I am still not that great at twists, and with the bike loaded down, I had to pay attention all the time. Rain was coming down in sheets and I was finally able to get off the road and take refuge in a small lumberyard. Fortunately no one was there:

This is the kind of serendipitous stuff that I love. I wouldn't have seen this except for the thunderstorm that seemed like it would kill me.
I wanted to make it to Asheville but had to stop at Marion because of darkness. I stayed at a Comfort Inn.
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